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Do’s and Don’ts for helping a depressed Person

Do's and don'ts for helping a depressed person

Depression is quite common these days due to unhealthy lifestyle and stress in modern life. If depression is not cured properly it will be fatal and can lead to suicide.

Here are 5 do’s and don’ts if you want to help a depressed person

1) Understand the situation and talk accordingly
2) Do show empathy, tell them you understand their situation and feel for them
3) Help them find a job or the thing which they like to do
4) Make them feel safe and assure that they can call you anytime
5) Do call them even if it’s just a brief conversation and make the conversation away from the depressed edge

1) Don’t tell them what they already know like “what happens is for good”, that’s the most upsetting line
2) Don’t afraid to ask if they are suicidal and need medical help
3) Don’t let them use excessive alcohol, drugs and cigarettes
4) Don’t give up on them
5) Don’t forget its temporary and they need continuous support

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Keeping a gun

Keeping a

Keeping a gun comes with uttermost safety and handling, whether you are using it for personal safety or hunting. You’ve heard the news many times that a person was killed due to mishandling of a gun. Handling it safely is not only vital for your own life but for the people around you as well.

Checkout these 5 do’s and don’ts for keeping a gun

1) Always consider gun is loaded, many people were killed with unloaded guns
2) Consider your surroundings before shooting or practising. Near miss, over penetration are common things while shooting
3) Lock the gun away from kids
4) Store gun and ammunition separately
5) Give guns a good clean after every session and before storing them

1) Don’t buy an overpriced gun, if you are not sure about the price research about it. Also buy it from a registered gun store.
2) Don’t let kids play with them and made them think it’s normal to play with a gun
3) Don’t neglect the laws of the territory/council, most countries issue a firearm license
4) Don’t let your gun lying around in your car, put it in a proper case with lock on
5) Don’t operate it under the influence of alcohol or heavy medicines

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Weight loss


Losing weight and getting into shape is all about eating healthy and getting the exercise routine right. Remember what we eat what we become. If you’re not following the diet routine strictly, exercise alone won’t work.

Here are 5 do’s and don’ts to consider before starting a weight loss program

1) Add healthy snacks and foods to your diet, also drink atleast 6-8 glasses of water daily
2) Weigh yourself before starting weight loss program
3) Weigh yourself after every week to check the progress
4) Avoid midnight snacks/meals
5) Be regular with your exercise routine

1) Don’t starve yourself too much
2) Don’t expect to lose your weight overnight as it’s a gradual process
3) Don’t go on weight loss program without a proper and healthy diet plan
4) Don’t forget to celebrate every milestone you achieve
5) Don’t add processed food to your diet, as they contain lots of preservatives (too much sugar or salt)

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5 do’s and don’ts for creating a new website

Creating a new

Creating a website is very easy these days (thanks to WordPress), but to maintain its presence online is not that easy. According to a survey 80%-90% websites close down after completion of one year (once the domain/hosting expire).

Here are 5 do’s and don’ts to consider before creating a new website

1) Consider the type of market you want to target
2) Choose right fonts, size and colors. Also get a logo which suits and matches with the website
3) Have atleast 5-6 main pages in the website including home, about us, blog, contact us page
4) Also use social media ‘share and like’ buttons on the website, just in case somebody wants to share it on their wall
5) Keep the content easy to understand and to the point

1) Don’t fall in the trap of cheap hosting, as you can regret later when website loads slow or won’t open at all
2) Don’t place unnecessary ads everywhere
3) Don’t fill your webpages with irrelevant images and content, as it can confuse the visitors
4) Don’t lose hope if you are not getting enough visitors on your website, remember ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day
5) Don’t ignore the feedback and suggestions from family/friends as it can help in improving a lot of areas

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Going camping


Camping is a fun filled activity for everybody and it is also a nice option for the people who hangout less with friends due to lack of time or due to some other reason. In camping more are the people more is the fun.

If you are a novice and don’t know much about camping, here are 5 do’s and don’ts for you

1) Choose a place close to the city, just in case any emergency or need arrives
2) Check all the camping supplies like sleeping bag, plenty of food, lighter, fire extinguisher, first aid, maps etc.
3) Do tell your friends/parents that you are going for camping and where to find you
4) Keep your food off the ground to avoid any wildlife encounter, preferably hang it with a rope
5) Check the weather update as well

1) Don’t litter, treat the camping site as your own habitat
2) Don’t leave campfire unattended and it should be away from your tents and gears
3) Don’t camp in dark areas or in areas close to the water
4) Don’t forgot to bring extra supplies of food and water, in case you want to stay longer
5) Don’t forget to rest and have a good nap.

Have a safe and happy camping

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