What the world think about India

India is growing day by day whether in terms of population or in terms of economic growth. Some Experts say that India can rule ‘Asia’ again if they control their population, and bash political anarchy.

Checkout what the world thinks about India and Indians.

1. America – It’s overpopulated poor and ex-British colony, but on the bright side Americans think that Indians are hardworking immigrants, great minds, least likely to commit any crime, overall nice, helpful, family loving people.

2. Europe – Bollywood, yoga, meditation, spirituality, non-violent people and good spices.

3. Australia and NZ –Call centers and telemarketers with a thick accent, good cricket, butter chicken.

4. Arabic – perceived Indians as well educated and hardworking people. Others perceive Indians as people with business minds, dancing, crazy love and rain (they watch a lot of Indian movies).

5. Asia –Bollywood is cool, Indians are smart, also hard-working, and are very strict. They hardly ever slack off, and very straightforward.

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