Do's and don'ts for helping a depressed person

Depression is quite common these days due to unhealthy lifestyle and stress in modern life. If depression is not cured properly it will be fatal and can lead to suicide.

Here are 5 do’s and don’ts if you want to help a depressed person

1) Understand the situation and talk accordingly
2) Do show empathy, tell them you understand their situation and feel for them
3) Help them find a job or the thing which they like to do
4) Make them feel safe and assure that they can call you anytime
5) Do call them even if it’s just a brief conversation and make the conversation away from the depressed edge

1) Don’t tell them what they already know like “what happens is for good”, that’s the most upsetting line
2) Don’t afraid to ask if they are suicidal and need medical help
3) Don’t let them use excessive alcohol, drugs and cigarettes
4) Don’t give up on them
5) Don’t forget its temporary and they need continuous support

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