Top 5 substitutes for swear words at

Swearing in office is quite common these days, thanks to hectic work schedules and work stress. If you sick of being told by boss or its your personality trait to swear, checkout these top 5 substitutes for swear words.

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1. Shit – replace it with Sweet, Sugar
2. Fuck – replace it with Fish, Fist, Fudge, Freak
3. Hell – replace it with Heck/ Hickey, Hush
4. Ass – replace it with Bum, Arse, Butt
5. Bitch – replace it with Biach(son of a mum), Bite, Bock

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5 things to improve your kid’s personality

A child needs special care and attention from parents at early stages of his/her life. As a parent, it’s your duty to ensure that your child gets a positive environment, one that can help in enhancing his overall personality(physical as well as mental).

Checkout these top 5 things to improve your kid’s personality

1. Encourage kids hobbies/interests
2. Encourage them to express their feeling and social skills
3. Be a positive role model for them
4. Don’t force your kid to be something else as every kid is unique
5. Don’t ignore the weakness, show them the right way to do the things

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