Top 5 ways to get the girl you

Becoming a girl’s friend is easy but to take your friendship to next level is something challenging. You have to make some extra efforts to get into her heart.

Checkout these top 5 ways to get the girl you like

1. Become her friend
2. Flirt nicely and don’t stick to her like a plastic wrap
3. Compliment her and make her feel important
4. Invite her to the parties but don’t be pushy
5. Be yourself – quit the bad habits but stick to the good ones

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Top 5 things in modern

Car is not just a mode of transport these days, it’s becoming a fashion. If you don’t have a good and luxurious car, people look down at you. Also due to advancements in modern technology, people want to have more technological and sophisticated stuff in their cars.

Here are top 5 things in modern cars

1. Automatic parallel parking with parking sensors
2. Smartphone integration with better connectivity
3. Adaptive headlights and wipers
4. Heated seats
5. Crash protection

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