Top 5 advantages of being a Gay

The literal meaning of GAY is HAPPY but over the time it has changed to Homosexual/Not Cool kind of thing. Different people have different opinions about them.

Checkout these Top 5 advantages of being a Gay

1. They have real friends and ‘No-Fake’ friends
2. They are free from ‘Accidental Pregnancies’
3. They always have an option of ‘Dress Like a Girl’ whenever they want
4. They don’t afraid of wearing ‘Pink/Purple’ color
5. They always have ‘Good Knowledge’ about a particular subject

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Top 5 ways to keep your hair

Hairs are not the most important thing on someone’s face but still these are very crucial in enhancing the looks and persona of a person. If you don’t believe me ask a bald man about the importance of hairs. Healthy hairs are often associated with the status of a person as well.

Checkout these top 5 ways to keep your hair healthy

1. Avoid hot showers as it makes your scalp dry and leads to dandruff
2. Wash your hairs two or three times a week maximum, also use shampoo according to your hair type
3. Include protein rich foods in your diet
4. Sleep at least 7-8 hours a day
5. Comb your hair from top to bottom thrice a day to increase blood circulation in your head

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top 5 ways to be a better

Gaming is a serious business now-a-days. Pro-gamers are earning a nice income and have a lifestyle which can make a CEO jealous.

In order to be a better gamer, checkout these top 5 ways

1. Master your finger skills
2. Study the game and explore other options about it as well
3. Play online whenever possible
4. Join a gamer community
5. Try dual wielding – Play two games at the same time. It will help in increasing the reaction time

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