India is a beautiful country, home for over a billion people. India has a vast variety of food that no other country in the world has. Every state has a different language, different culture & a different dressing style as well. People like to wear colorful clothes, women generally prefer printed clothes covering entire body.

To enjoy your trip and make it a lifetime experience, please keep in mind following do’s and don’ts.

1) Drink bottled water.
2) Remove your shoes while visiting a religious place.
3) Learn some commonly used Hindi words like Namaste(Indian Greeting), kaise hai aap(How are you?) etc.
4) Wash your hands properly before eating.
5) Prefer vegetarian food if you are allergic to spices.

1) Don’t drink or smoke inside religious places.
2) Don’t make comments about religion publicly.
3) Don’t buy food from roadside vendors.
4) Don’t travel alone at night.
5) Don’t wear shorts or mini skirts while traveling by public transport.

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